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MCCQE1 Exam Preparatory Courses


The MCCQE Part I is a one-day, computer-based test that assesses the critical medical knowledge and clinical decision-making ability of a candidate at a level expected of a medical student who is completing their medical degree in Canada.
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What is MCCQE1?

The MCCQE Part I is a one-day, computer-based test. Starting in 2018, you are allowed up to four hours in the morning session to complete 210 Multiple-Choice Questions. You are allowed up to 3.5 hours in the afternoon session for the Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) component, which consists of 38 cases with short-menu and short-answer write-in questions.  The examination is comprised of MCC Objectives, which are arranged under the CanMEDS roles.

Tutor IMG provides the best resources both in terms of preparatory courses and the team of instructors who are seasoned medical professionals. The courses are offered in various forms and combinations keeping in view the requirements of International Medical Graduates IMGs. Tutor IMG prep courses are available in both LIVE/ONLINE and RECORDED formats which can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Only Tutor IMG provides you with a combination of content review, question review, and exam simulation that leads to the highest possible score on the exam. Tutor IMG has developed comprehensive study methods with the most robust content available, including our online live tutoring. We expect our students to have recommended reading materials for reference.

The exam is based on a framework that assesses your performance around two main categories:

  1. Dimensions of Care: Covering the spectrum of medical care;
  2. Physician Activities: Reflecting a physician’s scope of practice and behaviors.

Each category has four domains, and each is assigned a specific content weighting in the exam:

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