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Review & Packaged Courses

Review courses are designed for those IMGs who don't have much time for preparations and want to quickly go through the recommended study material. We have also different packages of course combinations for ease and to cater specific needs...
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Review & Packaged Courses

The review courses are the brief rapid reviews of all the highest yield topics that candidates need when they are attempting to surmount the exams but don’t have much time to go through the entire study material. These short courses contain all the essentials of the Canadian system and spare no detail.

Tutor IMG prep courses are available online to students anywhere in the world. Only Tutor IMG provides you with a combination of content review, question review, and exam simulation that leads to the highest possible score on the exam. Tutor IMG has developed comprehensive study methods with the most robust content available, including our online live tutoring. We expect our students to have recommended reading materials for reference. 

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