Our Strategy

Achieve your professional goals through our premium teaching strategy and expert guidance...

Our Strategy:

Tutor IMG prep courses are available online to students anywhere in the world. Only Tutor IMG provides you with a combination of content review, question review and exam simulation that leads to the highest possible score on the exam. Tutor IMG has developed comprehensive study methods with the most robust content available, including our online live tutoring. We expect our students to have recommended reading materials for reference.

Our programs are easy to follow, moderately paced to allow for those who have been out of touch with studies for a while to reacclimatize themselves with a study schedule. The alternate weekday scheduling of the live lectures means you can review the study material in between and keep up with the class. Tutor IMG is the first to offer a backup resource for those who miss a lecture or two due to personal commitments. We have all the lectures recorded and uploaded to an audiovisual library for our candidates. This takes the stress out attending a course and does away with any anxiety about missed lectures.

So, Tutor IMG is the only option for your future success and career advancement in Canada! We train world-class clinicians who save and improve lives every day…

Tutor IMG’s commitment to the IMG shines through in our pricing of the courses. A comparative study of the market will convince any IMG of how our courses are gentle on the pocket yet pack a veritable punch when it comes to quality of content. We offer discounts at every opportunity we get to further facilitate IMG’s investing in our courses. Our content is updated with every new edition of Toronto Notes so as to keep current with any changes in the guidelines and practices.

Our Mission:

Tutor IMG aims to cater to the education, training and development needs of the International Medical Graduates IMGs for Canadian Residency & Licensing Programs and Medical Professionals in the field of Medical Sciences.”

Our Vision:

“To become countrywide and internationally acclaimed online medical exam preparatory service provider that helps International Medical Graduates IMGs to achieve their goals of Canadian Residency/Licensing while maintaining the highest quality standards.”

We will achieve our mission by focusing on the core values…

  1. Student Satisfaction: We serve our clients/students with responsibility, care, and compassion as we carter to their professional needs
  2. Commitment: We are committed to providing quality education and professional development of our students.
  3. Accuracy: We deliver reliable & relevant course material and lectures as committed to upholding the trust & confidence of our students with our services.
  4. Innovation: We continuously develop practical and innovative ways to enhance the teaching methodology that aims to improve the learning of our students.
  5. Ownership: We are responsible to perform our duties to the best of our abilities and take ownership for the results of our actions.
  6. Value:  We are committed to providing for each penny spent by our valued customers.
  7. Progressive & Proactive Learning: We keep ourselves abreast with any latest development and use latest resources for our students.


Online Interactive Class Rooms

We deliver online live lectures which you can access from anywhere in the world with all the convenience like at home and can interact with the instructor as required for instance response… We use the renowned  “Go to Webinar” software to ensure excellent connectivity and voice clarity during lectures. Webinar offers various interactive opportunities such as ask a question, chat, poll, survey, test, call to action and social media posting etc.

You will also get the opportunity to participate in several activities…

...to get your self motivated, confident, aware and prepare!

Let's us prepare you before your final exam! The perfect assessment tool...

Bedside manner, history taking & post encounter questions...

Let us guide you towards your bright future ahead!

Improve your Problem Solving & Clinical Decision Making Skills

Workshops & Mock Exams

Interactive Workshops, Training & Onsite Mock Exams...

Apart from our routine online courses for International Medical Graduates IMGs regarding Canadian Licensing Exam Preparations and Canadian Residency Programs, Tutor IMG conducts various events, seminars, skills training workshops and mock exams for professional growth and development of IMGs. These workshops are organized specifically with the IMGs’ needs & requirements in mind and relevance to the final exam to boost IMGs score gaining skills such as Problem Solving, Clinical Decision Making Skills and Differential Diagnosis Skills. Intensive Sessions are comprised of exam tips and training aimed at enhancing candidates read of an SP’s body cues so that no vital aspect is missed on case analysis. Every discipline is covered in History Taking Classes including ethics so that candidates are up to date with the ethics principles at play in Canadian Medicine.

Mock Exam is the perfect assessment tool to assess exam readiness. Based on the actual format this mock exam will help you to develop confidence which is so very important towards a sound exam preparation. Results would be generated right after the exam. Detail feedback on performance will be provided the next day.