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The Canadian Medical Exam Preparatory Courses At Tutor IMG!

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) can prepare for the Canadian Medical Licensing Exams with Tutor IMG’s cutting-edge, high-end online service. We assist you in studying with suggested reading material. Therefore, the only choice for your future success and job progress in Canada is with Tutor IMG!

Expert Team – Clinicians With Scientific Training.
Exam Specific – Useful Study Material.
Save Money – With Affordable Premium Courses.
Development – Focus On Your Career Advancement As You Grow.
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Web-Based Webinars

A real-time, uninterrupted in-class experience that makes the most of your package.

Mock Exams With Self-Evaluation!

Before the final exams, evaluate your readiness and test your skills based on the actual format.


We concentrate on skills that increase the score, such as problem-solving, clinical decision-making, and differential diagnosis.

CDM Exam Preparation
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We provide unique plans for special tutoring, which ensures a high Canadian medical licensing exam pass rate. Both in live and recorded formats, we have several course schedules. For MORE INFORMATION, CLICK on any of your desired categories!

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If you put in the necessary effort, we are so sure that our Premium Courses will help you pass your exam the first time. Our 95.5% success rate helped over 2000 students pass their exams. 


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Since its beginning, Tutor IMG has been offering an encouraging and motivating study atmosphere to IMGs (International Medical Graduates), and under the capable leadership of its committed faculty, it has achieved excellent outcomes.

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Learning The Novel Way

Live and recorded lectures for the preparation of the Canadian Medical Licensing Exams. We like to tailor our courses to meet the specific demands of each and every IMG.

Our Approach

Our tuition is a combination of online and in-person sessions.

Tutor IMG helps with your career advancement in Canada and offers online training for Canadian medical licensing examination preparation, but we also offer on-site facilitation for events like mock exams and workshops covering patient handling techniques, bedside manner, history taking, and post-encounter questions.
NOTE: Only online classes for Canadian medical licensing exam preparation are available due to COVID-19! Get in touch with us today for further details.
Success Stories

Students That Swear By Us

We’re thrilled to share success stories from our students. People we’ve worked with frequently talk about their transformation! CLICK HERE to read a complete list of all reviews.
I want to thank you for this wonderful experience with the NAC Mock Exam. I was quite anxious before entering and was astonished that I couldn't handle the time issue in the first cases and that I forgot to ask questions that I typically wouldn't. The hardest part of our real NAC Exam was working under pressure, and I really passed through it using this fake. Highly organized, a variety of scenarios with difficult circumstances, and the feedback I received were extremely useful. I'm eager to participate in the upcoming mock.
Dr. Aldajani
Welcome my confidence back!
I received a 504 on the MCCQe exam. I especially appreciate the CDM portion and the longer QE1 course. I double-checked your teachings and CDM. You were the only friend I had at the time who would listen to me read. Although it was difficult for me to use Toronto Notes, I did it and found the study to be enjoyable. A. Shaukat and W. Jawdat's Tutor IMG is a fantastic effort for IMGs who desire to sit for the Canadian Licencing Exam or pursue a residency program; they will be true partners in this endeavor.
Dr. Uma
Tutor IMG is my true partner!
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