The Impact of Extra-curricular Activities on Academic Achievement

The Impact of Extra-curricular Activities on Academic Achievement

Extra-curricular activities are crucial in establishing a foundational structure of an incredible educational experience. Activities that uplift students’ morale spark curiosity and ignite their passion, allow them to think beyond their horizons, and explore interests outside the formal classroom.

There’s a reason why college applications have a separate section for extra-curricular activities. Because the world today needs people with zeal, courage, and a will. It also evokes qualities such as problem-solving, time management, and critical thinking, to name a few. Having these characteristics built through extra curriculum over time helps students toward better academic achievement in the long run.

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Impact Of Extra-Curricular Activities on Academic Achievement

Literature is occupied with significant research, emphasizing how extra-curricular activities assist students’ academic performance. For instance:


Participation in extracurricular activities is significantly related to lower school absenteeism. Research demonstrates that students who take part in the extra-curricular activities of their school are more likely to be punctual in attending school regularly.

Better Learning

Extra-curricular activities in school offer students opportunities to learn characteristics essential to excel in academia, such as teamwork, communication, goal-setting, leadership, and so forth.

Besides, taking part in extracurricular activities allows students to meet new people and interact with classmates, teachers, coaches, and community leaders. This will enable students to build and maintain relationships, which can lead to valuable connections and opportunities in the future.

Improved Brain Functioning

While there’s a long-held misconception that participating in extra-curricular activities drifts students from focusing on their studies, there are literally studies that tell you otherwise. Several studies demonstrate that taking part in these activities significantly affects the students’ brain function.

In addition, participating in high endurance sports in schools, such as athletics, football, and badminton, helps develop the student’s overall strength, giving them a competitive edge while writing exams.

Students With High Morale

Amongst many benefits of extra-curriculars is this: participating in different activities has a positive influence on how students perceive themselves, their school, peers, teachers, etc. Truthfully, extra-curricular activities foster competent students with high morale, thriving in their careers by staying determined in their studies, a trait developed by participating in high-drive sports activities.

Improved Mental Health

Frequent engagement in extracurricular activities can help students reduce their stress levels and uplift their mood while providing a sense of purpose and contentment, ultimately aiding their mental health.

The Summary

In short, extra-curricular activities are said to affect student’s academic performance positively. From lower absenteeism, improved learning, healthier cognitive functioning, and high morale, students engaged in extracurricular activities tend to succeed socially and academically.

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