How Many Attempts Do I Get Before Failing MCCQE1?


Medicine is not an easy field to get into; it is a rewarding career but quite hard, nevertheless. There are many factors that go into consideration when you get into the process of practicing to become a doctor. Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) part 1 is one of the challenges that take people by surprise. It is a crucial step for medical students studying in Canada. After passing this exam, they will be rewarded with the license required for practicing medicine in Canada. However, the exam is not easy, and many students do not clear it on the first attempt.


In this blog, we will discuss how many MCCQE 1 attempts students get before failing.

Everything You Need To Know About The Attempts In MCCQE 1

As an international medical graduate (IMG), preparing to take the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1 (MCCQE1) takes effort and time. It is important to understand the exam’s passing requirements and how many attempts you have before failing. You will get up to four attempts to clear the exam. If you fail the third exam, the waiting period is for a year before reapplying. During the waiting period, you get a chance to review your performance and develop your skills. Within this time frame, you get a chance to enhance your knowledge before re-taking the exam.


After the fourth attempt, if you fail, you can request special permission for a fifth one. This request must be made within a year after the result of the fourth attempt is released.

What Is MCCQE 1 Exam About?

MCCQE 1 exam is the assessment of your medical knowledge and ability of clinical decision-making; it requires your utmost attention and your ability to perform under a pressurized situation. The exam comprises 210 MCQs. You get four hours to complete this section. The second part of the exam is about clinical decision-making, which takes about 3.5 hours. This section has 38 cases, and there are 1–4 questions in each.

How To Prepare For the MCCQE 1 Exam?

The exam is tough and requires a lot of effort. You can start your medical practice once you successfully acquire the license. Full preparation is all you need before you go for your attempt. For MCCQE 1 preparation course, Tutor IMG is your excellent choice. We offer excellent online Canadian Medical Licensing Exams Preparation service. Our service is for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who want to take the MCCQE 1 exam. We can assist you in studying from the recommended study material. Tutor IMG offers you a top-notch resource for preparatory courses and an excellent team of instructors. Our instructors are seasoned medical professionals, so they know how to assist you in the best way possible. For you to acquire the highest possible score, we offer a great combination of question review, content review, and exam simulation. We offer our students online live tutoring with the best instructors in the field.

To Wrap It Up

You get four attempts on MCCQE 1. If you didn’t pass within these attempts, you could request a fifth one within the same year when the result of the fourth attempt is released. The exam is not at all easy, that is why giving your best is crucial. You can come to Tutor IMG and get a chance to learn from the best course and excellent instructors online. We have scientifically trained clinicians who help you study through the relevant study material. Our premium courses are top-notch yet quite affordable. We focus on your career advancement. So, come to us and take a strong step towards a bright career in medicine in Canada.


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