Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) Exam Preparation Course

Clinical Decision Making (CDM) Exam Preparation Course

Clinical Decision-Making

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Clinical Decision-Making Exam Preparation Course

Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) Exam Preparation Course is an accurate simulation of the CDM part of the QE1 exam. The CDM component assesses problem-solving and Clinical Decision-Making skills. You will be presented with case descriptions followed by one or more test questions that assess key issues in the resolution of the case. You may be asked to elicit clinical information, order diagnostic procedures, make diagnoses or prescribe therapy. Your decisions should reflect the management of an actual patient.

The MCCQE1 Part 2 is 4 weeks online course. The course covers almost 100 high yield exam oriented cases with full explanations. The MCCQE1 Part I is a one-day, computer-based test. Starting in 2018, you are allowed up to four hours in the morning session to complete 210 Multiple-Choice Questions. You are allowed up to 3.5 hours in the afternoon session for the Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) component, which consists of 38 cases with short-menu and short-answer write-in questions. Our main objective in designing this course is to help candidates save on valuable time. We save you the trouble of researching exam resources as well as exam methodology by providing in-depth detail of what to expect in the exam setting. Although a smaller section of the QE1 exam, it is mandatory to pass the CDM Exam individually, and as such, it becomes vital that candidates know what to expect when they go for the exam.

Our Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) Exam Preparation Course offers you the opportunity to look into the exam most accurately. We explain what topics to expect on the exam, and how to tackle the different question modes. Our course discusses all the possible case scenarios with over 80 topics which are most likely to make an appearance on the CDM section. Join this course to ensure a high score on your CDM section. Those candidates taking our MCCQE1 Exam Preparation Course should combine it with our CDM Exam Preparation Course to excel your preparation.